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Missouri S&T ACM-Women

"ACM-W supports, celebrates, and advocates internationally for the full engagement of women in all aspects of the computing field, providing a wide range of programs and services to ACM members and working in the larger community to advance the contributions of technical women." — ACM-W's Mission Statement

Upcoming Events

Past Events

ACM-W Networking Dinner

February 16th, 2020

ACM-W hosted a business casual networking dinner which provided the opportunity for more face-to-face conversation with potential employers over a meal.

Life of a Cyber Security Consultant with CrowdStrike

November 15th, 2019

ACM-W and ACM Security invited former CrowdStrike interns, Nick Bindeman and Chau Letran, and current CrowdStrike intern mentors to talk about what it's like to work as a cyber security consultant/intern.

Peer Advising

October 22nd, 2019

ACM-W offered advice on classes that fit students' schedules best and what class combination workloads were doable.

Girl Scouts and Sphero® Robotics

October 12th, 2019

ACM-W worked with the Kappa Delta sorority to invite some of Rolla's Girl Scout troops came to partake in a fun technology workshop. As an interactive introduction into the world of programming, they got to try out Sphero Minis by making mini-programs that controlled the bot's motion, lights, and sound.

Bob Ross Painting Night

October 9th, 2019

ACM-W and ACM Hack partnered to host a Bob Ross painting night, where students let their creativity flow during an evening of painting happy little trees.

Dr. Katrina Ward presents Natural Language Processing

September 25, 2019

ACM-W was proud to welcome Dr. Katrina Ward from Sandia National Laboratories. She offered insight on her career at Sandia, natural language processing, and career opportunities for students at Sandia.

ACM-W Resume Jam Session

September 19, 2019

ACM-W held a resume workshop, open to all majors! Experienced upperclassmen provided personalized feedback on existing resumes and also helped students start some from scratch.

ACM-W LinkedIn Photo Session

September 11, 2019

ACM-W hosted an outdoor photo shoot for anyone on campus that needed a LinkedIn profile picture, just in time for the career fair!

ACM-W Soldering Workshop

September 10, 2019

ACM-W hosted a free, beginner friendly soldering workshop. Students were taught how to solder safely and participants had the opportunity to solder the project of their choosing.

ACM-W Soldering Workshop

April 16, 2019

ACM-W hosted a soldering workshop open to anyone on campus. Those soldering for the first time received instruction and ACM-W provided a selection of soldering kits.

ACM-W Trivia Night

April 2, 2019

ACM-W hosted Trivia Night with an ice cream bar. Trivia questions were centered around the history of computing and modern day concepts from different technology fields.

ACM-W Peer Advising

March 19, 2019

ACM-W invited other CS girls to network and helped build schedules that work well for them.

ACM-W Computer Decomposition

March 5, 2019

Participants had the opportunity to explore and disassemble old computers, identify the inside components, and become both more comfortable and more familiar with the hardware we use so often.

ACM-W Dinner with Women Technologists

February 17, 2019

ACM-W hosted a free networking dinner event with women technologists from different companies. Participants learned about their experience from college into their career.

ACM-W Computer Decomposition

November 7, 2018

ACM-W collected old and unsalvageable computers and participants took apart these computers and identified the inside components while enjoying candy.

ACM-W Soldering Workshop

October 17, 2018

ACM-W hosted a soldering workshop open to anyone on campus. Participants learned and practiced soldering with a kit spinning LED kit.

ACM-W and PCI Weekend

February 7, 2017

Each year, the National Society of Black Engineers hosts a Pre-College Initiative (PCI) weekend. Again this year, ACM-W officers helped by teaching visiting high schoolers the basics of HTML and CSS website programming. After a short presentation the students were able to create their own websites and share them with the entire group. In under an hour, they modified a given website template into their own amazing and creative sites!

Twitter API Workshop

February 7, 2017

Today ACM-W's president, vice-president, and secretary hosted a workshop on the basics of APIs. They set up and demonstrated a twitter API application that collects tweets containing keywords in real time. After collecting the tweets, they made a graphical representation of the results. Apparently spaghetti is a more tweetable topic than meatballs; who knew?

ACM-W hosts the AT&T Work Experience

October 13th, 2016

AT&T representatives came and explained what their company does in addition to being a phone company. They have foundries where employees work on new and innovative ideas to solve upcoming problems before they occur. They shared some of the recent technology their different departments are working on and talked about all the possible opportunities their company presents for students, whether it be an internship or full-time position. They place a large emphasis on continuous learning, and through explaining all the different opportunities the company has to offer, AT&T reps encouraged attendees to apply for various positions.

Rolla Junior High Outreach

September 30th, 2016

Missouri S&T hosted an outreach event for Rolla Junior High to introduce the students to STEM topics and fields. Departments and organizations across campus participated in the event. ACM-W ran three hands-on activities for the computer science department: cryptography, robotics, and legos. The students learned about algorithms by building with legos, what types of instructions to give to a robot, and how to decode messages using cryptography. These activities gave the junior high students a peek into the world of computer science.

ACM-W at Mineral Area College (MAC) Presentation

April 12th, 2016

Back by popular demand, ACM-W held an introductory talk and demo for junior high girls brought to us by Mineral Area College. During the talk, we showed the girls why Computer Science is great and what to expect from Computer Science. Then, we walked them through a hands on activity that used LEGO building to teach algorithm basics.

ACM-W at Pre-College Initiative Weekend

February 27th, 2016

Every Spring Semester, the National Society of Black Engineers host a Pre-College Initiative (PCI) where African-American high school juniors and seniors come to Missouri S&T's campus for a weekend. It is for students considering a future career in math, science, computing or engineering. This year, ACM-W members and volunteers helped teach HTML and CSS to participants. There was a short presentation about the languages followed by website design competition. Students worked in groups and were given a basic HTML page that they were encouraged to edit and make their own. Overall, the event was a success and it was rated their second favorite activity of the weekend!

ACM-W at Spring O'Rama

February 5th, 2016

Three of ACM-W's officers participated in Spring O'Rama, the S&T Spring involvement fair. They had a booth that raised awareness for ACM-W and our events. One of our officers even brought her drone!

ACM-W at Mineral Area College (MAC) Presentation

March 18th, 2015

We held an introductory talk and demo for junior high girls brought to us by Mineral Area College. During the talk, we showed the girls why computer science is an amazing field, what to expect from computer science, and walked them through a hands on activity where the girls had to follow a set of algorithms with LEGO's.

Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun. We received a huge amount of positive feedback. The teachers that came with the girls as well as the event planners from both MAC and the junior high schools expressed interest in doing another similar event in the future.

ACM-W hosts Pre-College Initiative (PCI) Lab

February 27th, 2015

Pre-College Initiative (PCI) is an on-campus visit program for African-American high school students that may be considering a future career in math, science, computing or engineering. PCI is organized by S&T's student chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers with funding from the John Deere Company.

ACM-W held an introduction to HTML & CSS lecture and group activity for our PCI lab. Students got into teams and used the knowledge they gained from the lecture to create their own websites with the help from provided templates and syntax cheatsheets. The team who had the most impressive website won free CS department t-shirts for each of its team members. Everyone had a lot of fun!